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Introducing the ideal accessory for your customization needs - the LED Acrylic Keychain! This versatile keychain is specially designed for engraving with your Cricut machine, making it a perfect component for creating personalized acrylic products using a CNC router or CO2 laser.

With the LED Acrylic Keychain, you can save valuable time while achieving a professional and polished finish for your various projects, such as "Mini LED Chain," custom-made gifts, or LED badges.

This mini LED acrylic badge comes complete with a one-piece keychain, one LED tag, and a 2mm blank acrylic plate. The LED tag can be easily powered with replaceable batteries, ensuring your creations always shine brightly.

Embrace the convenience and endless possibilities of the LED Acrylic Keychain for your creative ventures. Whether you're crafting unique gifts, personalized badges, or custom LED accessories, this keychain is the perfect addition to your toolkit. Create impressive, illuminated masterpieces with ease and add a touch of brilliance to your designs today!


7 RGB Lights Available

Fading light mode and flashing light mode

Mini Power Button to Turn ON/OFF

100% Pure Cast Acrylic Plate with Protective Films

Working up to 2.5~4 hours

Acrylic Keychain LED Blank


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